Who is tyGoal? 
tyGoal enterprise is a professional manufacturer of pig farm equipment and poultry farm equipment in China. 

What can tyGoal do for me? 
To meet customers' demands, tyGoal can produce farrowing crate, nursery pen, weaning pen, gestation stall, pig sow stall, plastic slatted flooring, BMC floor, pig feeder, poultry equipment, automatic water nipple drinker, feeder and drinker, broiler chicken feeder, chicken cage, goat slat floor and feeder tray etc.  

What is competitiveness of tyGoal?  
To meet customers' diversified demands,tyGoal provides not only professional manufacturing farming equipment, such as pig sow stall, plastic slat floor, poultry nipple drinker, but also supplies customer-tailored accessories of pig farming or poultry farm equipment, such as farm design, farm budget and so on.  

Can tyGoal apply customized products beyond your usual ones to meet my demands?
Yes, we supply OEM service, please do not hesitate to tell us your requirement (drawing or sample),and we will open mould and make samples, then arrange bulk production when confirming the sample from clients. 

Is tyGoal MOQ for pig farm equipment or poultry farm equipment? 
For costing saving purpose, It is recommend to order in containers because the courider or air freight is a little bit expensive. 

Why tyGoal has some many company name?
Not like foreign company, here in China, the tax policy is very different for the company with different registered place or for the type of comany trading or manufacture. Expecially the trading company in the Economic zone like Yiwu, Baoding, Shenzhen. So we have four companies which have different location and different type. Do not worry about this, each of our company are legal and qualified to supply you best quality of product, and full set of export document.