About Us 

Based on the famous city Cangzhou, tyGoal Enterprise co.,ltd. has already engaged in pig farm equipment for 30 years.
TyGoal's product ranges from pig farming equipment include galvanized farrowing crate, nursery pen, weaning pen, gestation stall, pig sow stall, plastic slat floor, BMC floor, pig feeder, to Poultry farm equipment include automatic water nipple drinker, feeder and drinker, broiler feeder, chicken feed, and chicken cage. Our goat shed slat floor and feeding tray have become one of our most popular product in India, Ghana, Australia, Germany etc.
TyGoal not only provide good quality of pig farm equipment and poultry farm equipment, but also source all over the China for all kinds of equipment like ASF detection for our clients.
TyGoal also devoted himself to meet client's OEM requirement like product on drawings, one stop supplier for all pig farm and poultry equipment product, small quantity of order, make a mould with your lable.
All of our clients mould charge will be refund after acheive a certain order quantity.
Your idea, design and mould is safty in our factory, we will never share or sale your OEM product to anyone else without your permission.
Hope every client will enjoy our ultimate one-stop service.